Let’s get started!

Red Direction provides guidance, accountability, and consulting services when you need it (i.e. completing tasks, listening, building online marketing strategies) that enables your team to reach its sales and growth goals – all while providing service and value as defined in the company’s mission and vision.




We develop plans and strategies.

With information about the team’s mission, it’s obstacles, and goals. We combine our solutions and out-of-the-box ideas with your existing knowledge of industry, team strengths, and product opportunities.




Ideas abound. We create Priorities.

We mix our ideas with your past and current experience + everything known about your customers to leverage immediate opportunity with longer term projects to keep and strengthen market positioning.

Together we determine the unique online marketing strategy.



By listening and watching, we are aware of trends and influences impacting your target market segments. In turn, this allows Red Direction to identify opportunities to expand your business online.

Purposefully Create Opportunity



Working with Red Direction offers many benefits, including:

  • We present the latest online marketing trends and recommendations – and determine both if and how they fit into your business.
  • By using our services, you don’t have to learn new technologies (unless you want to) to be successful online.
  • Long-term partnerships build momentum and employ the strengths of everyone involved.

Let’s explore the possibilities for creating purpose together!